BootFeedX is a graphical freeware frontend for the popular Chip45 bootloader. This bootloader supports all common AVR microcontroller and is available here.



The good thing about BootFeedX is that is written for Mac OSX which is -in my opinion- neglected in the technical area. It comes with all features needed to upload a hexfile to your desired AVR micocontroller and start the application.

The Intel hex format is supported!

Just choose your device and baudrate, open your file and connect to the bootlader. 

BootFeedX features:

  • automatic scanning and updating of the connected devices
  • parseing of the chosen hexfile to get mixed up files right
  • checksum building
  • progressbar during upload
  • log screen
  • multithreading
  • XON/XOFF protocol


A serial interface is required implemented through a serial to usb chip from firms like Silabs or FTDI in the target hardware. Drivers for Mac OSX are available here and here.

The detailed help (accessible though the ? or in menu) should be read to prevent problems connecting to the bootloader.

Download here!



  • a new application is born....



  • support for Leopard users
  • support for non-standard baudrates



  • new designed GUI
  • completely new upload bar
  • support for an individual "Prestring"
  • Bugfixes 



  • support for RS485
  • new file path display
  • Bugfixes



  • runs on Mac OSX Lion 
  • 64 bit
  • bugfixes



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